Connecting Communities Through Agriculture

Blue Hill Farms is passionate about quality meat which means great animals. Our animals enjoy fresh air, green grass, and sunshine on a daily basis. We strive to ensure a high quality of life and a low stress for our livestock.

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We’re a family farm powered by community

Our animals are born, raised and harvested with our CSA shareholders as our primary focus. We work hard to provide a wonderful assortment of humanely raised, hormone and chemical free meat to our community. Our shareholders form the backbone of our success. Without the regular connection and support, we would not be able to farm. Because of our amazing CSA members, we are able to raise our animals in the best way.


Our beef cattle are raised on pasture and hay with a bit of molasses in the winter. Our herd roam over acres of pasture and woodland in fresh air and sunshine – no feedlot on our farm! The result is fantastic flavor.


Our laying hens enjoy life on the school bus where they are protected from predators at night and eat fresh green grass and bugs during the day. Our meat birds and turkeys enjoy field peas straight from pasture. Our poultry is the best.


Our pastured pigs enjoy rooting, rolling and playing in fresh air and sunshine. Moms and babies are left together. Our hogs are grain-fed, never any garbage! The result is amazing pork chops and bacon that is out of this world!

Lamb and Goat

Our lambs and goats are raised together as goats are browsers and will eat shrubs and brush while lambs love to graze on soft green grass. The billy goat and rams protect the young ones while the moms nurse and nurture.


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If you’re committed to enjoying fresh, grass fed meat, ensuring your meat is hormone and chemical free, and supporting local agriculture, you should join our CSA today.

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